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Why Am I Here? – due by 5pm tomorrow

Why Am I Here? – due by 5pm tomorrow. Described personal journey into the field of counseling. Included: First time the student considered counseling as a career, how life experiences prepared the student to become a counselor, attributes possessed that will make the student an effective counselor, etc.

Must include two sources from peer-reviewed journals no older than 8 years, cited correctly, and included in a reference list. ALL APA rules apply. 2 to 3 pages.


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My bio:

I was a criminal justice major and took intro to psychology as an elective. I fell in love at that moment. I switched my major a month later. That class was all I could think about.

I am originally from a very small town in upstate NY. I have lived in the atlanta, ga area for twenty years. I recall after being here for a few years and then speaking to people up there; when our conversation was over (wow, small town thinking).

When I was blindside by me divorce and all the new situations that occurred. I had two children ages 9 and 12. I was asked to leave the home. We were homeless and cut off from all the accounts. I was thankful for my friends and how they were there for emotional support. After we settled into a house. I had lost everything I knew. I went online immediately and started researching single parent homes and the future set for my children. It was not looking good. I took a class on raising children through divorce. I was out to try and change their statically laid out future. If I was capable of tricking my genetic makeup surely I can raise happy, healthy children with a future.



I made the choice to get an education.

I am very open minded. I am accepting and caring. I know what I see or hear, that it is much more complex than that. There is so much under what we see. I volunteer as much as I can. 

Why Am I Here? – due by 5pm tomorrow