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Week 5 DQ

Week 5 DQ. Motivation


Everything you have learned in this course about development, how learning takes place, and the influences of culture and community on learning can provide important insights about a child’s motivation to learn.

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For the purposes of this Discussion, imagine that you are a teacher. As you review the Learning Resources in preparation for this Discussion, think of the diversity of children with whom you are working, the various factors that influence a child’s motivation to learn, and the ways teachers might enhance motivation in children with diverse needs. With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 3:

Post your response to the following questions:

•  How can you foster children’s intrinsic motivation? How and to what extent should you provide extrinsic motivation for the children with whom you work?
•  How might you go about working with an unmotivated child?
•  How might the different approaches to motivation (behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, sociocultural) guide your strategies and interactions?
•  How can you promote positive beliefs and self-schemas?



Week 5 DQ