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Understanding Personal Identity Switching

Understanding Personal Identity Switching. Be sure and read about the Hays Model (2008) before posting this discussion, and be sure to include all aspects of this discussion, including:One area where you are the social majority. A cultural group to which you belong where you have less privilege. Identity switching as it applies to your identities. Response Guidelines

Review the posts of at least two peers and start a discussion about how this activity had an impact on your mutual willingness to share sensitive information with one another, or you may compare and contrast elements of identity between you, or both.

Note: Remember, all of your discussion posts are expected to be written at a graduate level, be free from typos and spelling errors, and follow standard English grammar. You will need to support your points with in-text citations and references in APA style. This may include your readings for this course, but also outside scholarly sources that you obtain relevant to this discussion from our library.

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Your initial response to each discussion question must be posted by the deadline set in Faculty Expectations. By responding early in the week, you are recognizing that some people work weekends and have midweek off to do their coursework. You are providing those learners with something to respond to, which allows them to fulfill their obligation to the course.

Understanding Personal Identity Switching