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Trust in Team Dynamics

Trust in Team Dynamics.  

Trust in Team Dynamics

Trust is a key aspect in team dynamics. It is one of the basic emotions that brings teams together, and unfortunately it can also destroy a team if trust is lost. 

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For the first paragraph of your post, address the following bullet point (and sub-bullet points): Discuss a team that you have been a part of where something has happened and the trust was lost. If you have not experienced this, talk to someone who has and use their situation instead. Why did the loss of trust occur? Were all members involved or just select members? What did leaders do to try to fix the situation? Was the team able to recover? What would you have done differently if you were the leader in that situation?

For the second paragraph of your post, choose one of the following bullet points. Where possible, select a different bullet point than others have been selecting (i.e., we should try to spread the bullet points out so that each is getting equal attention during the discussion). What are the key processes leaders or organizations consciously use to create trust? Since most teams do not have conscious designs for creating trust among team members, design a strategy for incorporating trust among them. How do group and individual emotions affect the trust-building, trust-maintaining, and trust-losing processes? What is the role of the socialization within an organization for enhancing trust?

The final paragraph of your post (3 to 4 sentences) should summarize the one or two main points that you are attempting to make in your post.

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Trust in Team Dynamics