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Topic discussion question reply | Article writing homework help

Topic discussion question reply | Article writing homework help.


Global warming is a broad topic to cover, yet I could dissect the components from the causes and origins based on the global population’s influences. Global warming shows a cycle of destruction, yet a correlation to human health and well-being. Following the casualties by backtracking or move forward, the cause and effect are beneficial when creating the project timeline. Many systems are created to ease or solve global warming issues, such as the hydrological cycle.

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“Global monsoon rainfall is projected to increase and the wet season to lengthen despite a slowdown of atmospheric circulation. Strong variations among monsoon regions are likely to emerge, depending on surface conditions such as orography and land-sea contrast. Interdecadal climate variability is expected to modulate the globally averaged surface temperature change with pronounced anomalies in the polar and equatorial regions, leading to prolonged periods of enhanced or reduced warming” (Global warming and Climate Change, 2020).

Global warming contains several representations: temperature, atmosphere, sea levels, economic-‘how much will it cost?”, and more. While researching global warming was challenging, bountiful information will be provided when selecting accurate information to support the main focus: how global warming affects human health. Furthermore, introduce new methods, such as the hydrological cycle, to cease human disease and illness.


Global warming and climate change; study data from shanghai jiao tong university provide new insights into global warming and climate change (hydrological cycle changes under global warming and their effects on multiscale climate variability). (2020, Apr 13). Global Warming Focus 

250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source required.

Topic discussion question reply | Article writing homework help