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The article is still based on the content of the two self-tests I did myself, as well as the test scores.

The article is still based on the content of the two self-tests I did myself, as well as the test scores.
The reference does not need to be used too much

Eaasy’s specific explanation: (English is in the attachment)
Select two units’ portfolios scales and in your own words, use the Gibbs’ reflective cycle (below) to reflect on your results. Identify your strengths and also some future actions you can take to develop a specific aspect indicated in the results.

We recognize that this may be a very strange and completely different process from your usual process. We recommend that you follow Gibbs’ reflection cycle in this article:
1. Describe why each resource was selected. Summarize each type of information they provide you, why, and what new information they provide. 2. Feelings and related thoughts – When gaining these insights, please consider your feelings and thoughts. Are these insights surprising? Did they surprise you? Maybe they make you anxious? Or are you angry that the results did not meet expectations? 3. Evaluation – Is this information correct? Is it challenging? How does it fit the knowledge you already think of yourself?

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4. Meaning-what does it mean? Are these advantages? What are their significance to you? Are they valuable to others? -If so for whom? How do you use or apply them? Do they affect how you interact with others? How can you use these insights to supplement or enhance the strengths of others? (That is, they have a team or team advantage).
5. Action plan-What different actions will you take due to the new self-insight? How to modify or adopt what you usually do based on new knowledge? How will you get information about the progress of the plan? What support do you need? What feedback do you need?

The following is an example written by the teacher:
For example, in the audio-enhanced slideshow in Unit 1, I reflected on how my insight into my personality helped me realize how my style affects my more introverted colleagues. I determined how the understanding of personality differences is related to development projects, and how I think our efficiency is not as good as expected. I outlined how to transition from a useful brainstorming to creating pre-conference briefing files for my colleagues so that her space can think and bring her ideas into these meetings instead of expecting her to think on the spot. From this change in approach, I reflected that it helped me by forcing me to criticize and come up with better ideas, and it enabled my colleagues to attend our meetings and prepare to contribute. As a result, we became a successful team: I suppressed my extroversion and enthusiasm, and gave her more input space. The most important reflection that may arise is the recognition of individual differences and the nuances of how other methods may be more effective than my preferences.