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Substainable Leadership Power

Substainable Leadership Power.  
  Sustainable Leadership Power

Leaders command significant power to enable team performance. Using one or more of the teams that you identified in week 1 (UBER COMPANY), write a reflection concerning the powers of effective leaders of teams. With approval of the instructor early in the week, you may select a different team that provided you with more extensive, actual, team experience. While writing your reflection, answer the following questions: Who gets to define the leaders in the group? How do you explain the usage of power in terms of task completion and resource allocation? How do people in an authoritative position use their power? Is it ethical? What is the impact of authoritative power on team members? How does the team define power, and what is easily accepted by the team? What influential powers do you possess within your team? To what extent do you exert your power? You may possess different types of power in different situations. While having the power, you always have a choice of when to use it. Define your thought process in using power to obtain a desired outcome.

Substainable Leadership Power

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