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SPSS Access Instructions

SPSS Access Instructions


SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences) is a computer program that is the de-facto standard used by research institutions and universities for the completion of quantitative analysis. As a doctoral learner, knowledge of quantitative research techniques and the application of these methods as provided in the application software is a required doctoral competency. Doctoral learners are required to use SPSS during several courses to complete specific assignments. Doctoral learners may execute SPSS Base Module and Advanced Statistics in one of two ways.

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SPSS Installation on Learner’s PC or MAC

SPSS Base and Advanced Statistics Modules may be installed on a PC or MAC computer. The combined program is very large so please make sure you have at least 2 GB of available disk space on your computer. Once the program file is downloaded, you may access SPSS software to complete classroom assignments and perform quantitative analysis as related to your own research. Actual installation can be performed in less than five minutes after the file has been downloaded. However, the initial download may exceed 60 minutes if your Internet connection is relatively slow. In some instances when the download exceeds 60 minutes, the download may not complete. Should you experience issues when attempting to download the SPSS file, please access the SPSS Server (below). Please use the following link to obtain installation instructions and the program file:

All SPSS programs installed on learner computers employ a security activation key which is in effect for 12 months. Should you receive a message indicating your SPSS software is out of date or requires a new activation key, simply follow the PC Update or MAC Update instructions. The update is typically completed in less than five minutes.

SPSS Server Access

The SPSS Server provides a convenient alternative method to access SPSS Base and Advanced Statistics Program via the Internet. Instead of downloading the entire SPSS program onto your computer (which can exceed 60 minutes), you may access the SPSS program via the Internet by downloading a small activation file (in less than five minutes). Once the activation file is downloaded, you may access SPSS software from any location where you are connected to the Internet to complete classroom assignments and perform quantitative analysis as related to your own research. Please use the following link to obtain instructions on how access the SPSS Server.

Remember that when completing course assignments using the SPSS server, it is necessary to first download the SPSS data file (.SAV) prior to accessing the SPSS Server. Once the data file is download to your computer, you can OPEN the file directly from SPSS.



Technical Support

Should you encounter any technical issues when attempting to install SPSS on your computer or access the GCU SPSS Server, please contact GCU IT Technical Support at 877-428-8447. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday: 6 AM – Midnight; Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM – Midnight (AZ time). Should you require assistance using SPSS to perform analysis, please contact your GCU faculty member.