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SOCW-6202-WK5-Assignment. Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Project Assignment: Developing an Addiction Treatment Plan


Creating an addiction treatment plan is an individualized, dynamic process that begins at the first meeting with the client and evolves throughout the complete course of treatment in response to changing needs. An addiction treatment plan addresses the holistic needs of the individual. It includes the client’s immediate needs while in treatment as well as long-term needs once he or she returns to the community.

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For this Assignment, review the resources for this week and consider the methods by which helping professionals can develop aftercare plans to prevent relapse. Use the “Instructions for Scholar Practitioner Project (SPP) Case Study” document to develop your own addiction treatment plan using the “SPP Treatment Plan Template”.




Using the “SPP Treatment Plan Template” (attached), create a 12-month addiction treatment plan for Marge. Begin with her admission into residential treatment (“Counseling Session 1” media, attached) and proceed throughout her stay (“Counseling Session 2” media, attached). Continue for the next 12 months as you determine how her treatment could evolve. Marge’s addiction treatment plan should include the following:


o   Course of residential treatment

o   Plans for discharge from residential treatment

o   Aftercare plans for the next 12 months

o   All aspects of the case management of Marge’s treatment, including

                    – counseling/treatment

                    – f amily

                   – social

                   – vocational

                   – legal

                   – mental health

                   – medical

                   – other areas that might be important to her continued recovery




Doweiko, H. E. (2015). Concepts of chemical dependency (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Brooks/Cole.