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Research Methods A3 &A7

Research Methods A3 &A7. Please label Assignment 3- 

Search for 5-7 articles supporting a specific problem. Utilizing 5 of the 7 articles establish underlying problems for a specific research topic. Prepare a short discussion to the following: Articulate disparities, issues or challenges related to the specific problem. Note the approach and instrumentation/protocols for the research when you present the evidence. Are there any commonalities or differences in the approach to research? Are there any commonalities or differences in the outcomes from research? Are the methods appropriate?  Highlight why the two articles were not used.   Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 3 to 4 pages.

Creswell, J. W.   (2013).   Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches.   Sage.     9781452226101

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On a seperate document (Please label Assignment 7): 

Explain the Theoretical or Conceptual Frameworks and how they serve as a lens to explain why things happen when you examine the area of interest you chose above.  The Research Question highlights the focus of the inquiry. Using the articles you have selected above, Establish a question and identify the primary theory which applies. Describe the theory and apply to the criteria or variables relevant to the problem.  Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 2 to 3 pages.

Research Methods A3 &A7