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Read Glittering Images Camille Paglia and the questions.

Read Glittering Images Camille Paglia and the questions.
600-word minimum, double-spaced, 12-pt. font. (2 pages)Include: Your Name, MT#1 Paglia .
The Questions can be the basis for your essay, or used to influence or your essay. Read this carefully. Select several, decide which you would like to discuss.
1- What is Paglia’s impression of modern life? Why do feel she expresses it?
2- What is Paglia’s suggestion to move in a positive direction?
3- What does Paglia feel is happening to the arts in our time? What example, in or outside of the essays examples, can you give to support this?
4 – What does art represent in countries other than the United States?
5- What examples are presented regarding art’s status in the U.S. before 1929 and the opening of The Museum of Modern Art?
6- What follows (the above period) in the difficulty of art becoming of high importance in the U.S.?
7 – Why does Paglia become disappointed with American artists and our educational system?
8- What is her “most important question” about art? Why do you think she feels this?
9- What is Paglia’s definition of art? (In the ideal sense.)
10- What are her comments and stance regarding “current” artists’ and their work?
11- What is her conclusion and intent for writing this eassy?You can also address:
12- What caught your attention or interested you?
13- Is there a statement(s) that you agree with? That you disagree with? Explain.
14-What did you already know about regarding this article and how do you know?
15 – What did you learn?
16 – What question would you ask Ms. Paglia?

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