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Psychology – Horney's theories compared to Adler's theories & a T.V. Character.

Psychology – Horney's theories compared to Adler's theories & a T.V. Character.. Must Be All Original Work – I check.

Due 08/17/2013, before 2:00 P.M. Eatern Standard Time.

5 – 6 Paragraphs long. With at least one reference.

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Paper is about a Television Character: Television provides us with many interesting examples of interpersonal and neurotic behaviors. In this assignment, you will delve into the life and actions of some of your favorite television characters and analyze them using Horney’s coping strategies.

Interestingly, Horney’s three coping strategies for one’s neurotic needs correlate very well with three of Adler’s different personality types:        Horney’s moving-toward strategy—Adler’s getting or leaning type        Horney’s moving against—Adler’s ruling or dominant type        Horney’s moving away from—Adler’s avoiding type

Using Horney’s theory of coping with neurotic needs with three different interpersonal orientations, select a TV program of your choice containing a character that Horney would identify as exhibiting neurotic behaviors. As you watch a full episode of this show, focus on this character and tally each instance of moving-toward, moving-against, and moving-away behavior. 

Research Horney’s theory using your textbook, the Internet, & library resources. Based on your research, respond to the following:        Discuss this character’s neurotic needs and trends.         What do you think has happened in his/her life that has led to these behaviors?        In addition to general life events, how has gender and culture influenced the character’s neurotic needs and behaviors?        How do these interpersonal orientations impact the way this character interacts with others and develops relationships?

Write your response in 5 – 6 paragraphs. Must have at least one Reference & Apply APA standards to citation of sources .

Psychology – Horney's theories compared to Adler's theories & a T.V. Character.