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PSY/205 » Assignment WEEK 2 Attachment Paper

PSY/205 » Assignment WEEK 2 Attachment Paper.     

In this assignment, you will explore attachment in depth and discuss variants in attachment based on parenting style, gender, and culture.

Watch segments 1-4 of “Classic Studies in Psychology,” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.  This must be one of your cited resources for your paper. 

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Write a 700-word paper that addresses the following: Define attachment. What behaviors in children are      associated with being securely attached? What behaviors in children are      associated with being insecurely attached: avoidant, disorganized, and      resistant? What are the short- and      long-term effects of secure attachment? How can a caregiver foster      secure attachment? What are some cultural      differences in how parents foster attachment in their children?

Cite at least 1 other source.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Acorn Media UK, (1994). You      and Me: Childhood Identity and Social Development (24:42) [Video file]. Films on      Demand.  Davidson Films Inc., (1996).      Growing Minds: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood (24:19) [Video      file]. Films on Demand.  Online Classroom Ltd.,      (2007). Classic Studies in Psychology (38:04) [Video file]. Films on      Demand. 

PSY/205 » Assignment WEEK 2 Attachment Paper