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For this assignment, you will investigate how readers engage with texts and identify strategies for college reading success. This assignment will have you collaborate with peers, practice critical reflection, and compose analytical writing. In these ways, this assignment will move you toward accomplishing two Learning Outcomes of this course: Analyze academic literacy tasks and Identify and deploy writing strategies.

The Reading Process Analytic Report:

You will work with an assigned partner and analyze how that partner operates as a reader so that you can produce an analytic report about your partner’s reading processes.

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This report should accomplish three main things: 1) present information about your partner as a reader, drawing on data generated by you and your partner (interview responses, your partner’s reading, annotations, and comments about “On the Importance of Reading,” and your work analyzing your partner’s artifacts), 2) highlight three meaningful trends or findings as a result of your study, 3) make a central claim about why these trends or findings are significant. The report should help both your partner and me to better understand how your partner operates as a reader and their most essential reading strategies.

Steps and Tasks:

It is important that you read all instructions carefully BEFORE you begin so that you fully understand your task.

You will work through several steps to produce an analytic report about another reader’s processes. It is important to complete each step before you move on to the next step and to follow the Course Calendar for due dates for each step:

interviewing your partner about their reading practices and strategies,
analyzing the notes your partner writes on an assigned text (their annotations) as well as your partner’s commentary/description of their own reading strategies while reading that text
identifying meaningful strategies, trends, and/or surprises you find in your partner’s annotations and descriptive notes
writing an (~700 word) analytic report
Guidelines & Requirements of the Reading Process Analytic Report:

Compile artifacts that represent each step in this writing project (interview activity sheet, printed copies of the reading with notes your partner created, your notes that highlight interesting strategies and trends in your partner’s reading) .These artifacts are the object of your analysis throughout this project.

Your analytic report should include these contents:

A title that reflects your ultimate claim about your partner’s reading processes

A table of contents (with specific attention to listing the artifacts in your Appendix)

An introduction of your partner as a reader (important background information, etc.)

Description of the most significant parts of your partner’s reading processes, based upon your interview and your analysis of their reading/annotations/notes about how they read.

A central claim in the report about why these parts of your partner’s reading processes are significant. Your claims should refer to the artifacts you compiled.

Write the report for a very specific audience: your partner as well as to me), explaining your partner’s reading processes. Your partner will, ideally, learn more about themselves from your report. I will, ideally, learn more about your partner to help foster your partner’s development further.

email from professor: Read over the Reading Process Analytical Assessment Project prompt. Instead of applying it to a partner (since at this stage it is too late to do so) apply it to yourself. Write some things about your own reading history, then read the article attached to the prompt like you would if you had to do so for an assignment, track the reading strategies you used-you might have to reflect a little as well because when we do our own reading a lot of the time our strategies are so ingrained that we do them unconsciously. Then follow the prompt- What I want to discover is a little about how people are reading, as well as have people reflect on their own strategies, assess value to what they use and the reasons and uses for them.