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Power point due in 3 hours

Power point due in 3 hours. ***** due in 3 hours*****

Choose a clinical disorder from the following: Major Depressive Disorder Bipolar Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Autism Spectrum Disorder

Review your previous chapter readings on your chosen disorder.

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Create a 15 minute (10- to 12-slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on your chosen clinical disorder. Include the following: Explain possible causes of the disorder, according to a specific perspective of abnormal psychology presented in Week 1. Describe the behavioral features and physiological symptoms (if applicable) associated with this disorder. Describe any gender or cultural differences regarding the diagnosis of this disorder. (Does this disorder affect men differently than women? Does this disorder affect different cultures in different ways?) Describe general treatment options for this disorder.

Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources on an APA-formatted reference slide.

Format any citations within your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Power point due in 3 hours