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Positive Psychology PSYC 437 Quiz 2

Positive Psychology PSYC 437 Quiz 2. The questions that have marked answers do not mean they are correct please look them over also. Thanks



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Question 1 (1 point)


In looking back over her life, Jane, a very successful judge writes who came from a very disadvantaged background writes: When I was young, I dreamed of being either a doctor or a judge. At the time, with no knowledge of what either aspiration might entail, the one didn’t seem any more outlandish than the other.

This quote suggests that at a young age, Jane had:

Question 1 options:


Question 18 (1 point)    

Most studies of positive psychology interventions dealt with clinically depressed individuals. 


Question 19 (1 point)    

If people could extend their empathy beyond their family, ethnic, and national boundaries, the likelihood of wars would be reduced. 


Question 20 (1 point)    

As far as positive psychology interventions go, the longest acting positive effect on happiness occurred for subjects who were asked to use their signature strengths in a new way, or for subjects who were asked to write down three good things that went well each day–in each case during an entire week. 


Question 21 (1 point)    Which of the following describes mindfulness? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY!) 


Question 22 (1 point)    Which of the following are characteristic of a state of FLOW? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY) 


Question 23 (1 point)    

Which of the following is an example of secure attachment? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY) Posted: 4 years agoBudget: $20

Positive Psychology PSYC 437 Quiz 2