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I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better.

Music and the Body: Comparing and Contrasting with a Thesis-based Respons

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For this paper, you will be writing about the following articles:

Jayson Greene, “Can Music Heal Trauma?”

Oliver Sacks, “The Power of Music”

Would like you to do three things:

Describe and explain briefly what each author’s work is about.

Consider how each author writes about his subject:

How does each author approach the subject of music and the body?

Are there key differences you find significant?

What is your own response to the subject?

Using the two articles to help form your opinions, discuss your thoughts on the topic of music and the body.

Do you have examples in your life you can draw on? Have you experienced any of the things these authors discuss?

Do you have concerns or questions?

This essay should have a thesis statement: this is your argument.

In the subject of music and the body, what is the most important idea for you?

What do you want people to know or understand

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Please HELP