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please do by Sunday

please do by Sunday.   Week 2 Discussion

Discussion Description:

The discussion for this week will be used to help students: use the Keiser Online Library to find and identify different types of research articles effectively review and read peer-reviewed research articles’ identify and understand basic research terminology

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In Week 2, students must master their understanding of the following key concepts: journal article type including: original research, review article, clinical case study, clinical trial, editorial/perspective/opinion/commentary, and book review journal terminology and sections including: Lead and secondary authors, abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, participants, procedures, measures, results, discussion, Implications, limitations, and future research

Resources (reminder: save the documents to your Learner Toolbox for future use):

Read the following articles before taking your quiz

Journal Article Types:

6 Article Types That Journals Publish

please do by Sunday