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PHI 30 Essay: Assignment and Guidelines

PHI 30 Essay: Assignment and Guidelines
The assignment is to produce a six-seven page philosophical essay, including
bibliography. s
(1) You will decide on a paper topic/subject of research which you will submit for
approval by your teaching assistant by Friday, February 12 (5% of total grade). This
will include a statement of the topic of the research you are looking into, the hypothesis
that is being tested, how it has been tested, and a link to the online source where you
found this research.
(2) You will turn in a 5 page draft via Canvas by Friday, February 26 (10% of total
grade). You will get full credit for this draft so long as it is submitted on time, is in
reasonably good shape, and includes all of the required components. Canvas will assign
you a peer review partner after drafts come in.
(3) There is a mandatory peer review questionnaire that must be completed and submitted
both to us via Canvas and to your partner by Friday, March 5 (5% of total grade).
You will read your partner’s draft and complete the peer review questionnaire (available
on Canvas). Questions about peer review partners should be directed to your teaching
assistant. You will get full credit for the peer review so long as it is submitted on time
and answers all of the questions. Late peer reviews will not receive credit. Please contact
your teaching assistant (Ryan or Chanwoo) if your peer does not send their review on
(4) You will turn in the final (6-7 page) version of your essay via Canvas by
Wednesday, March 10. Your paper should be submitted there as a .doc attachment
(15% of total grade). The grading rubric may be found at the end of this document.
For every 24 hours work is late, 5 points will be deducted from the grade. This
applies to everything except the peer review questionnaire which will not be
accepted late. Early submissions are encouraged.
Students will work on their own to find an example of good, reputable scientific research.
Students should start by finding a popular or semi-technical description of the research
that they can understand, reported in an online source such as The New York Times
Science Section, Scientific American,, Nature magazine, Science
magazine, etc. From there, students should use our online library resources to acquire the
real scientific article or articles where this research was published.


Essay Topic Proposal
Please see the essay assignment guidelines for what should be included in your submission. It should include:

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(1) Statement of research topic

(2) Hypothesis the research is focused on

(3) Details of how this hypothesis has been empirically supported or disconfirmed

(4) A link to the online source describing the research

Your topic proposal should be worded clearly and in complete sentences for your TA to assess.