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Personal Finance Assignment help

 Personal Finance Assignment help


The assignment must be submitted via the Desire2Learn drop box for the given assignment by 11:55p.m. on the due date. This assignment will have two parts to be submitted Part 1 A-C and the Post College Budget Spreadsheet

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  1. From the Job Offer Package Sample choices on Desire2Learn or your position choice from theJob

Search / Cover Letter / Resumé assignment for this assignment select one of these positions, the

starting salary  and determine the geographic location for your new position.  Once you have the

starting salary and  geographic location, you are ready to address the following questions


Complete the following:


  1. Determine the cost of living index for the desired job location.  Is it more or less expensive compared to the Lansing area and what factors affect this?  For links to help you with this, see the Angel website.


  1. Use the web to locate a house in this location and discuss how you would finance it.  Specifically, address the following questions: For links to help with this see the Desire2Learn website.


1                     How much of a down payment will you make?  Why?


  1.              How many years will you be financing the property

(e.g., 15, 20 or 30 years) and at what interest rate?


Please use current interest rates to calculate payment.

  1.              What will your annual taxes be for this property?  How did you determine this?




C              Next, use the web to locate an apartment in this location.

  1.              What is your monthly payment? What is your security deposit?


  1.              Will you have renter’s insurance?  Why or why not?  How much will renter’s insurance cost?
  2.              Are utilities included in the cost of the rent?  How do you know this?



  1. Create a Post-College Budget.  Use the spreadsheet that is posted on the Desire2Learn Website to estimate your post-college finances. When you are filling out the budget sheet please select either renting or purchasing a house in the expense categoryRemember when calculating your take home income you must deduct taxes and withholdings


Be sure to show how you arrived at your estimated expenses.


To receive full credit for this assignment you must complete and turn in:

  • Parts A-C completing each area and answering each question  (Submit as a Word Doc)
  • Submit your Post College Budget Spreadsheet (Submit as a Excel Spreadsheet)



Items: Monthly amounts: Notes: Calculations: (Show how you came up with the figures)
Net Income $xxxxxx Take into consideration approximately 1/3 of
Additional Income $xxxxxx your salary will go to taxes, social security
Total income $xxxxxx and Medicare.
Housing Expenses:
Housing  Pymt/Mortgage $xxxxxx Payment, taxes and insurance
Rent $xxxxxx
Renters insurance $xxxxxx
Electric $xxxxxx Approximate monthly
Gas $xxxxxx Approximate monthly
Phone/cell phone $xxxxxx Approximate monthly ( Long Distance )
Water and Sewage $xxxxxx Approximate monthly
Cable $xxxxxx
Food and Staples $xxxxxx Grocery items/Personal items
Garbage Disposal/Recycling $xxxxxx
Dining Out $xxxxxx
Car payment $xxxxxx
Gas  Fuel Expenses $xxxxxx
Car insurance $xxxxxx
Car repairs and up keep $xxxxxx
Employee Parking $xxxxxx If you are in a big city (e.g. Chicago) Figure this in
Other means of transportation $xxxxxx Taxis, subway, public transportation
Other Expenses:
Entertainment $xxxxxx Vacations, Dating, Socializing, Movies
Credit Cards $xxxxxx
Fitness Centers $xxxxxx
Student Loans $xxxxxx
Clothing Allowances $xxxxxx
Additional schooling
Dry cleaning/Laundry $xxxxxx
Medical/Dental expenses $xxxxxx Deductibles
Saving $xxxxxx
Investing/Retirement $xxxxxx
Balance: #VALUE!