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Organic chemistry lab report

Organic chemistry lab report

Lab Notebook Instructions for the Synthesis of Aspirin Experiment
• Prepare your pre-lab (Name, Date, Title, Resources, Purpose, Reaction Scheme, Reagent Table, Procedure, Pre-lab Questions)
• Record your detailed experimental observations based on the Synthesis of Aspirin experiment videos in the observations section of your lab notebook.
• Record the % yield, m.p., and spectral data results in the data section of your lab notebook.
• Make IR assignments directly on your spectra. If you are unable to print the spectra, please make these assignments on a separate sheet of paper.
• Write the answers to your post-lab questions.
• Interpret the MP data and spectral data in the analysis section of your lab notebook.
• Write a one paragraph discussion, commenting on the percent yield of the target compound and how you determined its identity and purity
Synthesis of AspirinPre-lab
Please write the answers to the questions below directly on your notebook.
1.Draw a detailed mechanism using curved arrow formalism of the synthesis of aspirin from salicylic acid and acetic anhydride.
2.Hydrochloric acid is about as strong a mineral acid as sulfuric acid, why would HCl not be a satisfactory catalyst in this reaction? Please draw a reaction scheme to support your answer.
3.How is the purity of a crystalized solid assessed?
4.Briefly describe the technique for packing a capillary melting point-tube.

Synthesis of Aspirin
Post-lab Questions
Please write your answers to the questions below directly on your notebook
.1.Safety Question Describe the purpose for obtaining physical properties and safety data for the target compound.
2.Crystallizationa.A second crop of crystals may be obtained by concentrating the filtrate from the first crop of crystals. Why is this crop of crystals probably less pure than the first crop?
b-In the process of crystallization, if crystals do not form upon cooling the solution, it is often recommended that the inside of the flask be scratched at the air-liquid interface with a glass stirring rod. What purpose does this serve, and how does it work? What else might be done to induce crystallization?
c- At the end of a crystallization, where should the impurities be located?3.Melting Point a. Why is the melting “point” of a substance actually a melting “range” and therefore should never be recorded as a single temperature?
b- For the following melting points, indicate what might be concluded regarding the purity of the sample:i)120—122 oCii)40—60 oCiii)162.5—163.5oC

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Discussion of the Aspirin product including, The calculated percent yield (show all work) of your aspirin product and comments on its purity based on the literature melting point and literature IR spectrum. Label all major peaks in the IR spectrum of your aspirin product. How close does your spectrum match to the literature spectrum of aspirin? What are the differences in the two spectra, and how do you explain them? You may find the literature IR spectrum of aspirin at the following website: Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS Please attach your interpreted IR spectrum to your notebook pages.

Experimental Data
1.Weightof the isolated Aspirin product: 0.45g
2.The experimental melting point for Aspirinis129–132 oC3.
The IR spectrum for Aspirin is provide.

please follow the template as it is. I will upload the procedure to have hint of how it is supposed to be done. for the questions part, answer them as simple as you can be not to many words. I appreciate your effort. thanks