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naked science social psychology

naked science social psychology.   Naked Science – What’s Sexy

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After watching the video “Naked Science: What’s Sexy?” Explain & answer the following questions based on the viewing of this video (you will not receive credit if your information does not come from the facts revealed in this video).  Answer the following questions: What can transform the ecstasy of love into a cocaine-like addiction? What draws men to women together? Is  a “family guy” or a “hunky action hero” more of a natural match? What it is that makes men go ga-ga over female curves? Why do women swoon over a masculine face? What it is that make men and women attracted to each other. Explain why some people “click” from the first moment of attraction. What helps them to decide to bond with that special man or woman… to settle down and raise a family? The phrase “love at first sight” takes on what type of new meaning? What do the studies of “the game of love” tell us (taken from brain scans and sniff tests). What is the difference between lust and love. What makes us tick when love, or lust, calls?

Discuss with each other:  What did you find the most interesting aspect of the film?  When it comes to attraction, what did you learn the most from this video. 

naked science social psychology