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Memory and Dementia Learning Brochure

Memory and Dementia Learning Brochure.   Read the required articles:

1. Spontaneous or Intentional? Involuntary Versus Voluntary Episodic Memories in Older and Younger Adults (

2. Assessing and Addressing Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly: A Look at the Research Into Cognitive Impairment (

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3. Late-Life Depression Is Not Associated With Dementia-Related Pathology ( Review the following articles

1. ‘Where is Dementia?’ A Systematic Literature Review Exploring Neuroanatomical Aspects of Dementia (

2. Using Virtual Reality to Identify Brain Areas Involved in Memory (–uvr012518.php) Watch the videos:




For this assignment, you will be designing content for a two-sided, three-paneled brochure using the Brochure Template. Your brochure must:

· Discuss elderly intelligence, reasoning, and cognition.

· Evaluate research and theories on four types of changes in the aging brain, including memory and executive processing.

· Analyze two types of dementia, including common causes, and a minimum of two interventions.

· Contain at least three photos that depict the topic—two of which must reflect your own findings.

Include pertinent and concise information in the text spaces provided in each section of the template. Conduct your research using at least five scholarly resources from the provided videos or articles, or from other online reputable scholarly websites search tools (such as Google Scholar). In addition to these scholarly sources, you may also use resources, services, and programs available within your region (state, city, county, etc.).

Memory and Dementia Learning Brochure