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Management metrics concerning the triple constraint

Management metrics concerning the triple constraint. Project Description: This is a Capstone project using Project Management metrics concerning the triple constraint (time, cost, and scope) to improve the quality of residential construction. Please see the attached files Summary – Module 1-3 & Capstone Project Progress Report.
This module focuses on a summary of previous modules (assignments attached) including the strategic aspects of the project and should incorporate the use of several analytical tools and topics such as SWOT Analysis, PESTE Analysis, Porter 5 Forces Analysis, Competitor Analysis, BCG – Growth-Share Matrix, Customer Demographics, Collaborators, Key Suppliers, Key Distributors, Key Partners, Root Cause Analysis, Data Collection Techniques, and Conclusions.
Please note: This assignment requires project management experience. Do not apply if you do not have project management experience and extensive knowledge of PMBOK Guide 5th edition. Please ensure that the correct edition of the required references is being used and reference page numbers are consistent.
Project Description:
Part 1 – Assignment: (1000-1500 words) – Complete the attached Capstone Project Progress Report – Answer in an essay form based on the information of previous modules (attached) and provide references. Module 2 and 3 summarized the SWOT analysis. Also, module 2 explored and summarized the external strategic context that gave rise to the problem or opportunity that you are addressing. Module 3 researched the project from an internal organizational perspective looking at the variety of organizational influences that create your current organizational situation in relation to the problem. Now in this module, you will continue your research in ways that will eventually lead you to your recommendations. This may involve looking at how other organizations have tackled the problem, investigating best practices that are appropriate or simply reading up on theory and literature that will help you deeply understand your problem or opportunity. Complete the project progress report shown as a word document template in the module instructions above.

Part 2 – Discussion Question
Question #1 (400-500 words) – After updating the Capstone Project Progress Report analyze your research approach. What are some significant insights that could help your research? How might these insights be harnessed to forward your career goals?

Part 3 – Assignment: (800-1250 words) – When an analysis of possible improvements are completed in Part 2 an updated Capstone Project Progress Report can be completed. Highlight additional activity in your project progress template. Explain how and why the project is important and it`s significance. Review reference: T.K. Leong, N. Zakuan, M.Z.M. Saman,
M.S. Ariff, and C.S. Tan, “Using Project Performance to Measure Effectiveness of Quality Management System Maintenance and Practices in Construction Industry,“ The Scientific World Journal. Volume 2014, Article ID 591361.

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• References: Include the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions and page numbers.
Suggested References:
Kerzner, Harold. (2013) Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 11th Ed. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 978-1118022276.
(Chapter 1, 2, & Glossary)
Project Management Institute, Inc. (2013). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK®GUIDE) (5th Ed). Newtown Square, PA: PMI Publications.
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Management metrics concerning the triple constraint