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Management metrics concerning the triple constraint

Management metrics concerning the triple constraint. Project Description: This is a Capstone project using Project Management metrics concerning the triple constraint (time, cost, and scope) to improve the quality of residential construction. Please see the attached files Summary – Module 1-3 & Capstone Project Progress Report. Note: this will be a continuation of Project Research 2 Assignment.
This module focuses on your project recommendations. What do you propose to address the problem or opportunity that you have chosen for your project?
Ideally, your recommendations build on all your research in ways that help assure that the actions you recommend truly acknowledge the complexity and realities of your problem/opportunity space. Less effective project recommendations will not really leverage previous research and theory. More effective recommendations will grow out of a deep dive into all the realities that have acted to create the unacceptable status quo. Your job is to create a set of action tactics, grounded in research, that truly move the organization or industry to a higher level of performance.
Please note: This assignment requires project management experience. Do not apply if you do not have project management experience and extensive knowledge of PMBOK Guide 5th edition. Please ensure that the correct edition of the required references is being used and reference page numbers are consistent.
Project Description:
Part 1 – Assignment: (2500-3000 words) – Complete an initial draft of your recommendations for the Capstone project. This document should be organized as follows:
a) Summarize your problem or opportunity definition
b) Develop a list of possible alternatives strategies for addressing your problem or opportunity: In this section of your essay, you are not yet at the point of suggesting the best set of recommendations, but you are trying to be creative and explore all the different ways that the problem or opportunity might best be addressed. This is suggested as it will foster greater creativity in your process. The end result here will be a list of alternatives from which you will choose your final recommendations. These can be relatively brief descriptions via bullet points.
c) Recommend Chosen Actions: Based upon your review of the various alternatives, select one general approach you believe represents the best plan of action. Describe the specific components that are key components in your overall recommended approach. These might be seen as the delineation of specific tactics to realize the ends that you seek via your given approach. Fully support your reasoning for why you are choosing this particular plan of action.
d) Define Metrics for Success: Describe some of the kinds of metrics that would show that you have been successful.

Part 2 – Discussion Question
Question #1 (400-500 words) – In this module, you produced a set of recommendations. Why do you think that these recommendations have not been implemented before in the organization in question? If you are working on an entrepreneurial context, why haven’t other entrepreneurs undertaken the entrepreneurial initiatives you recommend?

• References: Include the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions and page numbers.
Suggested References:
Kerzner, Harold. (2013) Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 11th Ed. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 978-1118022276.
(Chapter 1, 2, & Glossary)
Project Management Institute, Inc. (2013). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK®GUIDE) (5th Ed). Newtown Square, PA: PMI Publications.
(Chapter 8, 9, & 16)
T.K. Leong, N. Zakuan, M.Z.M. Saman, M.S. Ariff, and C.S. Tan, “Using Project Performance to Measure Effectiveness of Quality Management System Maintenance and Practices in Construction Industry,“ The Scientific World Journal. Volume 2014, Article ID 591361.

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Management metrics concerning the triple constraint