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KDiscussion 2: Elements of Control Theory

KDiscussion 2: Elements of Control Theory.  

Control theory focuses on the ability of an organism e.g., a person, system, or machine to self-regulate. In the simplest of terms, a system attains “a desired goal state” by constantly monitoring feedback it receives from an ever-changing environment (Pinder, 2008, p. 407).

A wide range of conditions may exist that prevent an individual from reaching his or her goals. If a problem emerges, individuals must be equipped to respond appropriately in order to successfully attain their goals. Organizational psychology professionals might apply the elements of control theory to help individuals and organizations attain their goals.

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With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a description of at least two goals you have set related to the completion of your graduate degree (Industrial/Organizational Psychology). Explain why you might be successful in meeting these goals based on control theory. Reference specific elements of control theory to support your response.

KDiscussion 2: Elements of Control Theory