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The media, entertainment and tourism industry at large is very much a “who you know” industry. Therefore, employment and advancement opportunities oftentimes arise based on connections to those who are already established in the field.

For this assignment, students are required to seek an interview with a professional actively employed in the entertainment or tourism industries. Due to COVID-19 challenges, the interview may be conducted via email, via video conference, or over the phone.

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Please note that there are specific qualifications regarding the professional you select:

  • The professional must have at least two yearsof experience in their field
  • The professional must be currently working full-timefor a company in the industry (the professional cannot be an independent, sole-proprietorship; they must work for a company with employees)
  • The professional must have completed their schooling(or is working on an advanced degree or additional education)
  • The professional cannotbe affiliated with Disney parks/hotels (other Disney entities are acceptable)
  • The professional cannotbe affiliated with Cal State Fullerton in any professional capacity (no professors!)
  • The professional must be willing to participatein an interview and provide answers to all prompts

The interview with the professional should be transcribed by the student (the interview may be recorded with the professional’s prior permission — note: it is against the law in California to record telephone conversations without consent from the other party), who has prepared a series of in-depth questions about the professional’s career path in the field.

The following prompts must be covered in the profile and implemented via interview questions that you develop (and, hopefully, you will receive thorough responses from the professional). The profile must be composed in this order:

  • Introduction (a short paragraph to get the attention of the reader on the interview subject)
  • Educational background
  • Reason(s) for choosing this career
  • First endeavor into current field (what was the professional’s first step into their industry; e.g., internship, someone’s assistant, etc.)
  • Career path thus far (previous employment/employers)
  • Discussion of current company/employer (company overview; e.g., size of company, numbers of offices/employees, years in the business, etc.) and their current position
  • Their position in their current company’s employment hierarchy (with examples of positions “above” and “below” them)
  • Current projects and career responsibilities
  • Current job challenges (i.e., specific “hurdles” or difficulties of the job)
  • Does their current job have them interfacing with other fields/careers of entertainment/tourism?
  • Are they currently working in tandem/partnership with other companies/industries?
  • Employment schedule (e.g., standard 8-hour weekdays, strange hours, also nights/weekends?)
  • Major accomplishments in career to date
  • Career objectives (i.e., what are the eventual career goals for this professional?)
  • Advice for those seeking to enter a similar field of employment (for those who have not yet had the chance to work in the field)
  • Conclusion (a complete paragraph that summarizes the interview subject and their career)

Note: Do not use any subheads for this assignment to delineate these segments. Make it one fluid story with multiple paragraphs.


  • Locate and request an interview with someone employed in a particular field of entertainment (film, music, etc.), broadcast media (radio, TV, etc.), journalism (newspapers, magazines, etc.), sports, tourism or hospitality management. They can hail from any of the topics we are covering in this class (see last page of the Syllabus). Note the aforementioned qualifications. This must occur well before the assignment due date to ensure you can find someone suitable for the profile. “I couldn’t find someone to interview” is not a valid excuse for not completing the assignment.
  • Prepare questions pertinent to the interview (see above list of coverage prompts)
  • Conduct the interview (anticipate approximately 30 minutes for the interview).
  • Get allthe professional’s contact information (need first and last name, exact title, business address, phone number(s), email address and company website)
  • Transcribe the interview (note: I do not need a copy of the transcription)
  • Write a comprehensive, detailed and thorough profile about the interview subject, their background/career and their various statements regarding their industry/profession based on the interview conducted (you may use the order of prompts as a guide to sequencing your narrative). Note: Avoid all first-person voice in your assignment unless within a direct quote, as stated by the interviewee. This is being written about someone else, not about you.
  • Your profile must not consist of more than 25% direct quotes from the interviewee; all other information must be paraphrased and/or written in a narrative form.


The profile is to be submitted as a Word compatible document, with 1” margins all sides, 12 pt. Times or Times New Roman font size only, double-spaced. The profile is 5-6 pages of narrative (this page count excludes the info page at the very end — see below). Don’t go over or under the page count.

Again, the profile should be written in narrative paragraph form; this is NOT a Q&A profile. This is a Communications course and you will be evaluated for grammar, content and adherence to assignment protocol, so please use proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling. (Your instructor is a stickler for very neatly composed papers.)

The profile should start with the following information in the upper RIGHT corner, aligned right, on the first page only:

[Your Name]

[Your CSUF email address]

Industry Profile

Communications 346

Spring 2021

Insert two blank lines, and then align the text on the left, place the following information:

Interview with: [your interview subject’s name here]

Company: [your interview subject’s employer/company here]

Occupation: [your interview subject’s specific position/title/occupation here]

Medium: [how you conducted this interview—via email, phone, or video call?]

Date & Time: [date and approximate time of the interview; if this is an email interview, then date/time you received the response email]

From this point, begin your profile’s narrative.


Footer: Page numbers should be centered and placed at the bottom of each page. (12 pt. size, in the same font as your profile’s text; I realize that this does not conform to APA paper style formatting, as this is not an APA-style assignment)

The very last page of the document should be a standalone page (use the page break feature or just hit Return a number of times) containing the industry professional’s contact information. The contact information should contain the following:

Name: [Professional’s full first and last name, spelled correctly]

Organization: [The company the professional works for]

Title: [Specific title of the professional interviewed]

Business Address: [Mailing address of the office location for the company, no home addresses!]

Business City, State and ZIP: [Mailing address of the office location for the company, no home addresses!]

Business Phone: [Office/business phone number of the professional]

Business Email Address: [The email address of the professional]

Website: [website of the for the company]

LinkedIn URL: [if the professional is on LinkedIn]

NOTES: Profiles will be spot checked at random with their respective professionals. Since this is a profile from one sourceno APA-formatted References page or in-text citations are required for this particular assignment.



Please refer to the “346 Writing Guidelines” document posted on Canvas. It is a comprehensive document outlining what you should and should not do in papers that you are submitting in this class. I cannot emphasize this enough: I am really picky about writing quality. (However, note that this assignment is NOT an APA-formatted paper.)



CONTENT [coverage of prompts]                  40 POINTS

COMPOSITION [quality of writing]              40 POINTS

FORMATTING [document preparation]        20 POINTS

TOTAL:                                                         100 POINTS

Point deductions include (but are not limited to): Incorrect font size/style/type, missing header/footer information, spelling errors, grammatical/readability errors, first-person references, incorrect filename format, improper document formatting, omitted prompt responses and other formatting errors.

If you feel you are need of assistance in writing your assignment, please visit the CSUF Writing Center and/or University Learning Center for a consultation. Refer to the links in your course syllabus.



The Industry Profile is to be turned in via the TurnItIn link, which will be accessible on the class Canvas page by 3 p.m. on March 15, 2021. Email me well ahead of time with your paper attached as a document if you have any issues with TurnItIn. The TurnItIn system automatically flags late assignments, therefore submissions uploaded at 3:01 p.m. are considered late. Avoid any chance for lateness by submitting it at least an hour before the deadline.

Profiles received up to 24 hours after deadline will only receive half credit (50 points maximum). Profiles received more than 24 hours after deadline will not earn ANY points (meaning, received after 3 p.m. on March 15). Your paper will be automatically checked for plagiarism via TurnItIn. If you are re-taking this class, you must compose a completely new profile assignment.

Submit your profile via the TurnItIn link as a Microsoft Word-compatible document. Students can obtain free Microsoft Office software via CSUF Student Technology Services ( (Links to an external site.)). Failure to submit your paper in the prescribed format will result in lost points.

Please note: I do not pre-read entire profile assignments, but I will be very happy to answer any specific questions you have about the profile.

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