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Centralized Management benefits of VMware

Centralized Management benefits of VMware. Scenario: Your Learning  Team has been asked by senior management to cut costs related to the IT  infrastructure of your company. Your team does all of the cost analysis  and finds that VMware can save the company a considerable amount of  money moving forward following the initial investment in the VMware  software.

Add 3 to 4 slides to your  proposal presentation discussing how Automation within VMware can help  save the administrator time versus managing physical machines.

Combine your team’s prior weeks’ work, incorporating any faculty feedback, and submit a 12- to 14-slide PowerPoint  presentation along with a 1- to 2-page Executive Summary proposing the  deployment of vSphere into the datacenter. That proposal should compare  and contrast vSphere versus an all physical infrastructure. Your summary  should discuss the deployment and value of:

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  • Week Two:
    • Centralized Management benefits of VMware
  • Week Three:
    • Virtual Network benefits
    • Storage: differentiate between shared storage types and how to apply each type to VMware.
    • How Storage vMotion can be used to create greater up-time
  • Week Four:
    • Using Templates to save deployment time of VM’s versus physical hardware
    • Resource Allocation (CPU, Mem) in VMware versus how resources are allocated on a physical machine
  • Week Five:
    • How Automation within VMware can help save the administrator time versus managing physical machines

Professor’s Feedback for Week 3 Assignment:

You are meeting the minimum requirements but I also think you are missing opportunities. For starters, your grammar and writing can be improved. With multiple people in your group, you should be peer reviewing each other’s work to avoid sentences such as.. “Standardized with industrial standards (Oglesby, 2005).” – should this be industry standards? “Virtual network can be orchestrated from a single point.” – you should say A virtual network can be… or you should say Virtual networks can be… These are just 2 examples. There are more. In business, it is critical that you can write effectively and manipulatively. In this assigment especially, you are to convince management that they should invest in a pricey CAPEX purchase. You must be convincing, compelling, and demonstrate the business need to cut costs. To that end, there is still plenty of opportunity to do that. The assignment suggests that you’ve done a “cost analysis”. I don’t see this. Overall, you have some good information in your presentation but it needs to be tied together and maybe organized a bit more smoothly. For example, how much does it cost the company per minute when a mission critical application goes down? And how many times per year historically would that application server go down? The answers to these questions are how you would back into a number to portray an accurate measurement of how much vmware can save the company.

Centralized Management benefits of VMware