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How to Read a Supreme Court Case week 5 assignment help

How to Read a Supreme Court Case week 5 assignment help.

Dear writer please read this assignment and follow the instructions and read very good the written rubrics:

A Supreme Court case usually contains the judicial history of the case, the factual dispute, the issue or question presented, and the holding and the rational.  A more in-depth discussion may be found in chapter one, titled, How to Read a Supreme Court Case. Choose any one of the Supreme Courtâ€s decisions in chapter 13, The Right to Privacy under Due Process and the Equal Protection Clause. Or you may choose a more recent example from the Supreme Court dealing with privacy and due process (for example, Obergefell v. Hodgesand) and brief the case using the five headings discussed above. You may wish to use findlaw or to aide in your research.
Paper Submission Requirements:

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Your paper should be APA formatted and the body of your paper should be approximately two pages in length. An APA format has been provided for your convenience. 
For further guidance on your paper, please refer to the “Written Assignment and Research Paper Rubric.”
Assignment should be uploaded in this section before midnight on Sunday.

Resources for Assessment:
Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapter 13.


please click on these links  and read them dear writer before you start to write the paper please read the written assignment rubrics i will upload the file all you have to do is to upload the written assignment rubrics and applique it in your written.

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How to Read a Supreme Court Case week 5 assignment help