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The requirement is to find the data about my topic from the few websites in the word document I gave, that is, families losing their housing in the pandemic, how the virus impacts housing market or shelter…. Make sure that the data meets microdata, meaning that the unit of observation is small (usually individuals, but it could be small geographic areas, branches of an organization, etc.) and there are many observations. Ideally, it will be a panel/longitudinal, meaning that you observe the same units of observation over multiple periods. The description you send to me should include:•the source of the data (how it was generated, not where you downloaded it),•how it relates to public goods,the unitof observation,•the time period Covered,•and some examples of variables in these requirements, and then write 2pages in accordance with the essay requirements in the second paragraph of the word document. If possible, send me the excel of the data before writing the analysis. I need to confirm to the teacher that the data meets the requirements. Thank you

for this order I just placed, would you tell the writer make sure send me the dataset excel first, then working on the essay? I need to get premission for the dataset from my professor first.