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1. How does the European Lowland differ north and south of the Rhine River? Why is this?

2. Describe the different upland and mountain regions of Europe.

3. What are the major factors influencing Europe’s weather and climate?

4. List those European countries that are below replacement in natural population increase, as well as those that will grow in the next 20 years. Explain the factors behind these differences.

5. Explain what is meant by ‘Schengenland’ and ‘Fortress Europe.’ What are the geographic advantages and disadvantages of the new arrangement behind these two terms?

6. What are the major tongues of the Germanic language family? Which have the most speakers?

7. Map the interface boundaries, both historical and modern, between Christianity and Islam in different parts of Europe. Where is this interface still a problem? Why?

8. List the new nation-states that appeared on Europe’s map in 1919, 1945, and 1992.

9. Trace the evolution of the EU since 1952, noting how its goals and membership have changed. Be prepared to make a map of its membership at different points in time.

10. Discuss the kinds of economic, social, and political changes that have taken place in eastern European countries since 1990.


1)  Where would you go to help a client considering changing their financial reporting to IFRS?

2)   if you are dealing with a tax issue, what are the various agencies, professional manuals, and/or journals that you might review to determine the appropriate answer?