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forensic discussion #5

forensic discussion #5.  

PART 1:  Watch the two videos below and visit “The Danger Assessment” site.  Then answer the questions below: (Links to an external site.)

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1.  From the viewing of the videos, what does the officer share regarding domestic violence that she encounters?

2.  From the viewing of the videos and after reading our textbook, what type of suggestions would you make in order to better assess and predict in  regards to domestic violence (intimate partner violence)?

3. Describe how The Danger Assessment works? Do you believe it does a good job identifying violence and possibly predicting whom may become victims of domestic/intimate partner violence?

4. How does The Lethality Assessment work and how is it different from The Danger Assessment? Why would this be effective (or Not) in identifying and predicting violence?

PART 2: Go to and read through the “2011.Current Directions in Violence Risk Assessment” under modules area.  Answer the questions below from information found in this article:

1.  Does one approach predict better than others?
2.  Are empirically- based instruments useful for individuals?
3.  Should risk assessment and reduction be separated?
4.  What are the conclusions regarding risk assessments according to this article?

forensic discussion #5