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Facilitating groups

Facilitating groups. This assignment will consist of two different papers.

Paper 1: 

Apply theory and research to the practice of group dynamics

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Embedded assessment assignment Group Proposal Project –Students will prepare a “group” proposal.

Paper using APA style.  The paper will include the following sections, which form the basis of a sound and practical proposal for forming a group identified by Corey & Corey (2006); rational objectives: practical considerations: procedures and an evaluation.

Students will prepare the proposal as if it were given to an appropriate authority for operational consideration.

Paper 2:

Distinguish the  developmental stages of groups:

 Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing 

Write a 3-4 page paper describing the different stages of groups and the theory you believe is most effective and why

Most effective theory is: Cohesion


Small Group and Team Communication

Thomas E. Harris; John C. Sherblom, 5th edition 

Refer to course rubic page 11 of 11

Facilitating groups