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evaluation criteria found on the Appendix A

Complete an analysis of the instructional platform or text of your current grade and subject taught. Use the evaluation criteria in Appendix A to guide your question. Be sure to address how the special learning needs of students learning English are addressed in the selected instructional material. Write a 2 page narrative.

Also look for special features, suggestions, and/or ideas given in the teacher’s edition/version that apply directly to students who are learning English as a new language. Write up your findings to include the following:

a. Address the evaluation criteria found on the Appendix A , giving specific examples or nonexamples to support your commentary. Some of the criteria may not apply to the instructional materials you have selected. Organize your information according to the evaluation checklist’s main categories. Look for trends or patterns in the information that you collect.

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b. Describe any special strategies, ideas, materials, or tips included in the materials you have reviewed that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of students learning English as a second language

c. What materials, activities, or helpful ways of learning English are missing from the instructional material which should be included?