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Ethical Issues in Organizational Assessment

Ethical Issues in Organizational Assessment. Ethical issues are of particular concern in organizational assessments and OD interventions. Currently, there is no ethical standard established for this field. Many view this responsibility as being shared by the client and the consultant. This suggests that there is a need for establishing a code of ethical conduct for the profession, incorporating cultural differences in a code of ethics, and including cross-cultural ethics training for practitioners.


Based on your analysis of the articles, address the following:What ethical considerations do the articles you have researched bring to mind? Give examples from your own experience or from current events.What are the ethical implications of receiving unsolicited off-the-record information as part of an organizational assessment? How should the OD practitioner deal with these implications?OD is a field of practice and not a “profession.” Therefore, it does not yet have a code of ethics. What are the three to five ethical principles that you believe an OD practitioner should follow? Provide appropriate justification for your answer.

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Assessment