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Do An Economic Analysis And Comparison On The Macroeconomic Overview Of Bangladesh And Any Other South Asian Economy Of Your Choice.

Do an Economic Analysis and Comparison on the Macroeconomic Overview of Bangladesh and any other South Asian Economy of your choice. – Your report should be between 5-8 pages long, except the Front Cover and Reference page – Total marks for the paper is 20. – Your mark will depend on the following factors – 1. Originality & Creativity 2. How well you have done your research and presented the information 3. Use of Economic Analysis using your economics Knowledge Ideally, you should look into the following factors for the Macroeconomics overview: – GDP – Inflation – Unemployment level – Trade For each category, look into the relevant information, present the data and do an economic analysis. By Economic analysis it means you can try and interpret what the data means and the reason for such a trend.

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