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Describe briefly the actions that the U.S undertook

Read the China trade war case I uploaded and answer the following 5 questions:

1)Trump’s Accusations: As explained in the case, please describe briefly the accusations made by President Trump against China.

2)China’s Perspective: Describe briefly China’s (and other’s) perspective on each of these accusations.

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3)Describe briefly the actions that the U.S undertook.

4)Describe briefly China’s reaction to these actions i.e. what did China claim?

5)As a result of the US actions, (a) what actual impact was there on the US economy? (b) On the Chinese economy? 


1-2 pages per question, so probably 7 pages in total

OUTLINE Format !!!!!!!! 

BULLET POINT, DOUBLE-SPACED !!! just bullet point, no paragraphs


Long-winded/ fuzzy answers will be marked down

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS (read carefully!!!!!!!! Repeat the question and then answer)

NO EXTERNAL SOURCES ALLOWED. get the answers from the case only!!!!!