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Dementia. *Review the UC Davis’ Dimsdale-Zucker (2018) article Using virtual reality to identify brain areas involved in memory (–uvr012518.php ) on areas of the brain involved in memory.

*Read “Where Is Dementia?” A Systematic Literature Review Exploring Neuroanatomical Aspects of Dementia (


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Address the following: *Assess the behaviors associated with three types of dementia. *Create a plan on how you would care for a person with dementia of your choice. This individual may be hypothetical or someone you know. If the person is someone you know please ensure that there is no identifying information for the individual. You must not include any names, addresses, initials, relationship to you, etc. You may refer to the person as “Person A”; “Person B”; “Person C”; “Person D”; etc. Be sure to include the following in the plan: -Discuss two important strategies for hygiene care. -Discuss two activities that are best suited for this person. -Discuss one safety strategy for this person.

It should be at least 300 words in length and include a thorough response to each prompt. If you use any resources (books, articles, websites, videos, etc.) to support your claims, including the ones provided , you are required to provide in-text APA citations and references for the materials that you use. Provide full reference entries at the end of your response for all sources cited. Please use correct APA formatting.