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Debate topic

Debate topic. Is personality a stable construct that is formed in childhood and remains relatively constant throughout the lifespan?  Debate Guidelines: The assigned Group A or B must provide a persuasive, informational argument. Post this argument to the thread below. Your argument may be a page of written text, a PowerPoint presentation, a online video, or any other creative way of conveying your information. The information you provide does not have to be lengthy as long as it contains relevant information and is expanded to clearly explain your position.You are required to utilize and correctly reference one (1) quality, academic sources to support your position. You should use correct APA style in formatting your debate information.The Groups A or B assigned to the weekly debate must post their persuasive information by Thursday at midnight.Finally, everyone in the class should read the debates and post their own position. When responding to the debates, you just need to write whether you support the “yes” or “no” side of the debate with a sentence or two highlighting why you support that position (also due on Sunday by midnight). You do not have to agree with the side of the debate that you were assigned to represent.For complete information about the project, see the “Debate” thread in the Course Home.


Debate topic

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