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cultural management.

This research proposal is used to apply for a PhD in cultural industry research, which can also be said to be cultural management.
The school pays more attention to three aspects: creativity and cultural production, cultural consumption and cultural brands, cultural intermediary and cultural trade

I tend to study cultural consumption and cultural branding, but because I have no research proposal writing experience, I don’t know how to make the topic.

In terms of my interests, I tend to prefer proposals to urban art or contemporary art(choose one of these two,maybe urban art is better). These two art forms are currently very popular in China, and more and more galleries and art museums have held many exhibitions of these categories. I think maybe we can study the reasons for urban art or contemporary art, why it is more and more recognized and purchased, its marketing methods, brand influence, strategy… and its influence on young Chinese consumers, and think about the future development direction.

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But because I have no experience in writing research proposals, I may need you to help me grasp the direction and make a specific topic. There will be an interview for this thesis later, so although it is studying some popular art industries, please stay academic.

the words need to more than 3000 words with APA style