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Creating a Team Value System

Creating a Team Value System.   Creating a Team-Value System

Values are the core of humanity, and they drive behaviors in situations people face in all aspects of life. This assignment is mostly a reflection of your experience in seeking further understanding of others, and it will help you connect behaviors to values.

Read the paper on “Leading Sustainable Change Through Self-Discovery: A Values Accountability System Defined” (Sun, 2007). Click here to download the paper. Using one of the three teams you selected for the Week 1 final project assignment, follow the values accountability process to establish a values statement for your team.

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In this exercise, gather the values systems of at least three other team members (see Step 3 of the Values Accountability System). If one of the three teams you selected in Week 1 is not convenient for the project, discuss alternatives with your instructor early in the week.

Prepare a three to four page paper using Microsoft Word. Your paper should cover the following: How does the current team environment enable or challenge the process defined by the VAsys? How challenging was it to ask about the values of your peers? How much agreement did you find on the surface of the values (level of individual congruence)? How many differences were there in the interpretations of the same values? Were there any major surprises? Explain. How challenging was the process of coming to a consensus on top values shared by the team? How do the values reflect team norms?

Creating a Team Value System