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chi square

I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

Assignment 8:

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Chi Square

Before you get started, note that the instructions for using SPSS to perform a chi square analysis are embedded in Chapter 10. There is no separate SPSS Skill Guide for this topic.

For this assignment you will need your GSS_2008_xx.sav data file, which was sent to you via email after you completed Assignment 1. You won’t be using the Fearxx.sav file for this assignment.

In the survey represented by your GSS_2008_xx.sav file, respondents were asked: “Should marijuana be made legal?” Their responses (“Legal” or “Not Legal”) can be found in the variable “grass”.

General Requirements: To do this exercise you have to read and understand the material in the Chapter 10, including the embedded SPSS skills. This assignment will be graded on the basis of the output file from SPSS and your write-up in APA style (see text). When you complete the assignment, upload your SPSS output file and write-up to your submission in D2L by the due date and time listed in the Class Schedule.

To Complete The Assignment:

(1.) Using the Crosstabs procedure in SPSS, do a chi square analysis to determine if there is a significant difference between the proportion of men who favored legalizing vs. not legalizing marijuana, and the proportion of women who favored legalizing vs. not legalizing marijuana. Enter sex for rows and grass for columns. Specify percentages for rows. Upload your SPSS output file to your submission in D2L by the due date and time listed in the Class Schedule.

(2.) Report your results using APA style (as illustrated in Chapter 10) in a Word document and upload to your submission in D2L by the due date and time listed in the Class Schedule. If you prefer, you may type your write-up in the “Comments” box in the assignment function in D2L.

IMPORTANT: If there is a significant difference between men and women, report each gender’s percentages for favoring the legalization of marijuana. If there is no significant gender difference, report the overall percentage for legalizing marijuana and the overall percentage for not legalizing marijuana.


Chi-square. Statistics play an important role in program evaluation and assessing gathered data, such as conducting non-parametric tests/analyses. An example of non-parametric tests/analyses is chi-square. You will watch the introductory SPSS tutorial and then, as your final review assignment, perform a chi-square analysis.