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Capella University Assignment HS5993 2 Discussion questions due 12:00 tonight

Capella University Assignment HS5993 2 Discussion questions due 12:00 tonight. Case 2: Mark

Mark is a 28-year-old inmate in the transition unit at a correctional facility who is expected to be released in two months.

Setting: Huntington Correctional Facility, Inmate Transition Unit, Job Placement Training Division.Additional Information

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The job placement coordinator has notified the case manager that the final transition meeting will be held. Included in this meeting are:Job placement case managerLead officer of the Inmate Transition UnitFacility social workerThe parole officer.

The job placement case manager will be expected to speak about Mark. The parole officer may have some concerns about Mark returning to his home town. The social worker might weigh in by addressing the need for a workplace to have regular drug testing and other checks, then expressing concern that this may hinder employment options.Situation (Information Previously Provided)

Mark has been an inmate at the Huntington Correctional Facility for four years. He is 28 years old and completed his GED during his time in the facility. Mark is currently in the Inmate Transition Unit, as he is set to be released in two months.

Mark’s behavior and actions during his four years in the facility have provided him the opportunity to participate in job placement training. He has been in the program for three months. He has been attending educational activities as part of the program and has worked both in groups and individually with his job placement case manager. He has been an active participant and has shown skills in large engine mechanics.

Vocational assessments indicate that Mark’s strengths include skill in working with this hands and strong problem-solving skills. His weaknesses include communicating with authority figures and asking for help. In order to successfully complete the program, Mark must complete a mock job interview with the job placement training coordinator. Mark is working with his case manager to prepare for this interview.Human Services Professionals InvolvedJob placement training coordinator.Job placement case manager.

Discussion 1 Collaboration: Multiple Points of View 

The media piece in this unit involved a variety of viewpoints focused on your case. For this discussion, provide a summary of:Each of the viewpoints expressed about your client and his situation.Your response to each viewpoint and your rationale for it.

Discussion 2 Making Collaboration Work 

The readings this week present why collaboration is important. The media piece engaged you in a collaborative situation involving a real-world case. Based on what you learned this week regarding the collaborative process, address the following:What are some of the challenges that you feel you might face when participating in collaborative session in the field?How might you address these challenges?

Capella University Assignment HS5993 2 Discussion questions due 12:00 tonight