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Business Analytics Company Report

Requirements: Everyone will be given the same case study but with different data, which you

will write a management report on. The report will be based on your Excel analysis. The report

has to be understandable as a standalone piece of work without referring to the Excel file. You

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need to provide tables and figures from the Excel analysis to support your report.

The deadline for group assignment is 23:59 Friday 18th December 2020. Both the report and

the Excel file need to be submitted to Blackboard.

Word limit of the report is 1500 words. The data for each individual is posted in the Excel

spreadsheet along with the assignment brief.


The Russo Manufacturing company

The Russo Manufacturing Company must decide whether to manufacture a component part at

its Milan plant or purchase the component part from a supplier. The resulting profit is

dependent upon the demand for the product. If the demand for the finished product is low,

Russo will incur a loss of [i.] if it decided to manufacture the component part. On the other

hand, if Russo purchases the component part, it will not incur any production cost and the profit

is estimated to be [ii.] when the demand of the finished product is low. In a better scenario

when demand for the finished product is high, Russo will earn [iii.] if it manufactures the

component part in house, or [iv.] if it purchases the part. Finally, when demand for the finished

product is at medium level, Russo will earn [v.] profit if it manufactures the component part,

or [vi.] if the part is purchased from a supplier.

Originally the management estimate the probability of weak demand to be [vii.] and of strong

demand to be [viii.]. However, the management is concerned about the accuracy of this

estimation and is contemplating of conducting extra market research to determine the

likelihood of different states of demand. The cost of the research is [ix.] and the research can

indicate if market condition is favourable or unfavourable. The research is fairly reliable,

meaning it is more likely to obtain a favourable result if the demand for the finished product is

truly high. On the other hand, the report will be less likely to generate a favourable result if the

demand for the finished product is truly low. The probabilities of obtaining a favourable report

given a certain market condition are:

P (F | low demand) = [x.]



P (F | medium demand) [xi.]

P (F | high demand) = [xii.]



Perform an analysis of the problem facing Allied Insurance and prepare a report that

summarizes your findings and recommendations. Be sure to address the following issues:

1. The payoff table of Russo Manufacturing, ignoring all the probabilities.

(5 marks)

2. Recommendations regarding which decision the management should take if they ignore

the probabilities and decide to apply the following decision criteria:

a. Optimistic Approach

(5 marks)

b. Conservative Approach

(5 marks)

c. Minimax Regret Approach

(5 marks)

3. Computation of the posterior probabilities of weak demand, medium demand and

strong demand given the market research is conducted. Briefly explain the meaning of

these probabilities.

(5 marks)

4. A decision tree illustrating the decisions and events that Russo is facing. All the payoffs,

probabilities and decision at each step need to be labelled carefully on the tree.

(25 marks)

5. A recommendation whether the market research should be undertaken. Explain clearly

the reasons for your recommendation.

(10 marks)

6. A decision strategy that Russo should follow if they take the recommended action in 5.

(10 marks)

7. A sensitivity analysis to illustrate how different decisions change if the prior probability

of [xiii.] change by 0.1 at a time.

(20 marks)



Presentation (10 marks)

The report must be written in a clear manner and including the required items. There is no need

to restate the questions in your report. Your report must have the following structure:

I. Executive summary

Give an overview of the problem, the solutions and the recommendation

II. Introduction

Introduce the case study and the objectives of the report

III. Main body

This section addresses all the questions associated with the case study.

IV. Conclusion

Conclude the case study and present your recommendations to the board of directors

based on the analysis.