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Activity 1 | Article writing homework help

Activity 1 | Article writing homework help.


Activity 1 –  Listening Exercise.  

Instructions: Listen to the following two musical examples.  While you are listening, make as many observations as you can about the piece, musical styles, instruments used, etc. (Try not to just list 10 instruments, but include a variety of things you notice)

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Goal – see if you can make at least 10 observations about each piece. 

Other talking points you might include would be to describe how the two pieces are different, does the music spark your imagination or any emotional/personal responses?  What kinds of imagery comes to mind as you listen? Etc… There are really no wrong answers, so be creative. Let your imagination get the best of you.

Make your observations in either short, bullet points, or use a more “free-style” paragraph style.  Your choice. Enjoy the pieces!

Activity 1 | Article writing homework help