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1 QUAL and 1 QUANT

Learning Activities Week 5:
1. Use the two (2) researchable questions* (1 QUAL and 1 QUANT) you have developed over the past two weeks to find relevant, high-quality evidence on the efficacy and effectiveness of each question.
The following are my 2 researchable questions:

1. How does the transformational leadership compared to other leadership styles influence job satisfaction for the hospital staff nurse? (Quantitative)

2. How has COVID 19 impacted the mental health of nurses? (Qualitative)

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2. Choose one (1) paper (research evidence or study) from your “quantitative” question, and one (1) from your “qualitative” question. For each, use the appropriate criteria outlined for critical appraisal (see chapters 5 and 6 of Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2019) or one of the tools highlighted in your reading list (e.g. CASP Tool) to do a critique of the research evidence you identified. Please include this in an evaluation table. I have attached both the qualitative and quantitative tools for you to use for my answers.

Reminder: a) when critiquing your quantitative study, please ensure that you identify the results (treatment effect sizes, 95% confidence intervals, etc) and interpret the statistical findings; b) while you are not critically appraising all the available evidence for each researchable question in this activity, it is important that you identify the level of evidence, discuss the quality of the study, and whether the findings are statistically and/or clinically significant (i.e. would you mobilize them into practice? Why or why not?).

3. Read the critiques provided by one (1) of your classmates and provide them with feedback regarding the comprehensiveness of their critique.

I have attached my colleagues post titled CASP Qualitative SZ.